Concrete mixer shape

The car itself is a whole, sub-mixers, pressure, intelligent controller and motor vehicle body.

Special performance

1, the use of special wear-resistant steel plate Wuhan Iron and Steel mixing tube and leaves. 2, the production of the mixing tube blades made of special mold stamping. 3, the tank and the blade butt self loading concrete truck mixers welding using large rotary tooling, high precision. 4, the hydraulic system used in all imported components, compact, high performance. 5, vehicle modeling chic, beautiful, compact structure. 6, the operating system is flexible and convenient to realize around and feed port operating three to one. 7, after welding tank pretreatment process using shot peening to achieve rust, rust.

Operating Instructions

1. Before the concrete mixer operation must be checked to confirm steering, braking, lighting, sensitive and effective signaling system, mixer truck drum and chute free of cracks and serious injury, stirring blade wear in the normal range, chassis and sub-frame U-bolt connection between good. 2, to understand construction requirements and site conditions. Choose Driving Directions and parking locations. 3, in the community roads must comply with traffic rules. Turning radius requirements shall comply with instructions for use, speed of no more than 15km. Stop speed of not more than 5km. 4, when the job is forbidden to touch the rotating drum and wheels. 5, in the concrete mixer reversing discharge, must obey the command, pay attention to those around them, abnormal immediately stop. 6, concrete mixer cleaning operation is prohibited under high-voltage lines.


From the car chassis, the mixing tube, transmission, water supply device, full power PTO, front and rear mixing tube bracket, part reducer, hydraulic transmission, access to material systems, Separate concrete placing booms control agencies. Due to technical bottlenecks, domestic mixer tank volume of 3m³-8m³ the use of domestic four pieces, four pieces of most of the imported parts used 8m³ more volume. Mixer: the two types of chassis, powertrain, hydraulic systems, racks, mixing tank, out equipment, water systems, steering system, ladder and other components. Stirred tank front end reducer coupling mounted in front of the rack on stage, supported by the rear end by roller mounted in the rack back two idler.

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